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Who’s the boss? – Net.Wars by Wendy Grossman

Originally published on pelicancrossing.net on June 30th 2017 Even for Google, €2.4 billion is a lot of money. It makes the £130 million the company agreed to pay in back taxes to the UK in 2016 into a micropayment. The ...

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Think good thoughts about a sunny side

Apparently I am a robot. A very incompetent robot. Sometime over the last few weeks, Google launched a new captcha system for its Blogspot subsidiary. The idea, as I understand it from the blog posting announcing it is that most people won’t see ...

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Summary- Surveillance: What Should be Done?

How do we take back the Internet for ourselves, as Edward Snowden wants us to? Tuesday, 25 March 2014, London. The video of the event: choose your speaker via the playlist on the side bar! Summary written by Alexandra Reynolds (edit ...

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