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Past Events

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Cybersalon has run monthly events on Net culture since 1997 (apart from a brief interlude in 2007) and now we’re back – on this collection of pages you’ll find our amalgamated histories and summaries of events going back to early 2013.

To really look back into the archives, for events ranging from 2002 to 2007 including our Cybersonica music festivals, gaming events etc – take a look here.

Towards the end of 2014 we looked at the hopes and ambitions of the digital pioneers of the early Net, in The Net, Then & Now series.

Now, with technology racing apace, sensors saturating our cities and cybersecurity concerns making global news we look at the blurring of physical and virtual in Spring 2015’s Cybersalon Hyperhabitat Series.

Reclaim Money – new kit to get the economy back – Next Event

Money has gone digital and smarter, but we are not fully utilising much of it’s newly increased IQ.  What smart money can bring to our local communities? Can it make us healthier? What is the future of smart financial transactions ...

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Covid19 Apps – Track & Trace or Duck & Dive?

One Virus, Two Ways  – how tracking apps split UK from Europe, why tech, trust and governments do not mix and what is the future of Tracking Apps When: Thursday 11th June 2020, 6.30pm – 8pm Where: Zoom Register here ...

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Stay Alert: Digital Skills Training in the New Normal

Join our DigiBlox virtual launch session to take a fresh view on Digital Education 4th June 6.30pm UK Time  Covid19 has moved millions into digital work, remote and commute-free. We need to upskill young people, grads and adult learners but ...

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Games for Good 4.0 Games for Survival – CoronaSalon

Intro from Chair Eva Pascoe The event took place on Zoom, which we streamed to Twitch.Tv/Cybersalon, recorded and put on YouTube with other Games For Good videos.  As Corona hit London hard, the original confinement time of 3 weeks have ...

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Collaboration from Games for Good 3.0 – Tend And Befriend Games

29th January 2020 Last decade will be condemned as a total failure of humanity to work together. We may not complete the next decade as human society unless we work together. Climate change and other challenges bring problems that can ...

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CoronaSalon is ON – Game for Survival

Join us Friday 17th 7pm (UK time) on Twitch for Games for Good 4.0 We asked our regular Cybersalon games reviewers what games they play to survive Corona and to pick top 5 recommended for quarantine times.  Face up to ...

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Games For Good 3.0 – Tend & Befriend Edition

Collaborative gaming to save humanity and our planet Date: 29th January 2020 6.30-9pm Newspeak House – 132 Bethnal Green Road, London (near Shoreditch Overground)   Last decade will be condemned as a total failure of humanity to work together. Next ...

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50 Years of the Internet by Plexal – Event

The internet’s turning 50. Come celebrate with Here East and Plexal. About this Event At 10.30pm on 29 October 1969, a team led by Professor Leonard Kleinrock sent a message from a computer at the University of California (UCLA) to ...

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Games For Good 2.0 – Event

Games against Hate Hate has gone viral and is destroying our communities. Our world has has become tribal, ‘betrayal’ and ‘treason’ appear daily in social media about even the smallest differences of opinions.  How can we fight this footballisation of ...

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Cybersalon Soundscapes – from London to Vienna

By Stefan Lutschinger and Eva Pascoe It is often enough to hear a few notes of much loved song for us to immediately be transported to the time when we heard it first. Memories of our favourite melodies stays with ...

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