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Is non-exclusive democracy possible?

On a hot summer day House of Commons was the place to be for the representatives of disabled voters and international voting experts to debate the requirements for multi-channel voting enhancements, adding online option to the postal and person-present options. ...

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Digital Bill of Rights Debrief Session – Supporting Digital Liberties

Special thanks to Newspeak House for hosting

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Italian Internet Bill of Rights

Italy passed their own Internet Bill of Rights in July 2015 recognising the role of the Internet in a modern democratic society and recognises access as a civil right as well as the importance of protection and open data.

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Brazilian Civil Rights Framework for the Internet

The draft bill of Internet rights in Brazil was approved by the Federal Senate on April 22nd 2014. The law governs the use of Internet in Brazil through a set of guidelines for state action as well as duties, principles and ...

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How to Lobby your MP

Open Rights Group organised an event at the House of Commons to lobby MPs and discuss our concerns about the Draft Communications Data Bill with our individual MPs to raise the awareness. Cybersalon joined and learned a lot, as always. ...

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Cybersalon at the House of Commons

house of commons

Cybersalon at the House of Commons consulting on surveillance and oversight reform

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Cybersalon at Web We Want!

web we want

Watch the video of consultation on Digital Bill of Rights at Web We Want Festival at the Southbank Centre.

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Digital Bill of Rights – A Call to Action!

Tim Berners Lee invented the World Wide Web as an ‘Internet for everyone’. He offered this invention as an open-source digital commons for all of us to use and share. Tim built on existing technologies such as the Transmission Control ...

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Digital Bill of Rights – What you told us.

These are very much work in progress notes   Cybersalon is campaigning for the introduction of a Digital Citizen Bill of Rights for the United Kingdom. We have gathered quite a following and caused a bit of a fuss. We ...

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