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Wired Kids: Raising the Digital Natives

Photo by Ilze Black Morgan Reede on the need to look beyond the future implications of technology as an exclusively adult concern.   Can you recall your most prized childhood memory? I can recall being five or so, sat knee-deep ...

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net.wars: Speechified

…And like clockwork, after a bad thing happens, there is much noise followed by we-must-do-something-this-is-something. This week has seen the government response to two big bad things of the last few weeks: the Sony hack and the Charlie Hebdo murders. ...

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Net.Wars: Pause For Thought

Wendy Grossman’s weekly Net.Wars column, coverage of the latest skirmishes in the border wars between cyberspace and real life. The great playwright, director, and drama critic George S. Kaufman once famously remarked, “Satire is what closes Saturday night. This week, ...

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Lost Dreams of the American Future

Interstellar travel, nuclear fusion for everyone and thinking machines: The 1964 New York World’s Fair promised a new revolution of everyday life, an age of understanding. Far from visions of peace and progress, beneath the façade, a celebration of world ...

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Think good thoughts about a sunny side

Apparently I am a robot. A very incompetent robot. Sometime over the last few weeks, Google launched a new captcha system for its Blogspot subsidiary. The idea, as I understand it from the blog posting announcing it is that most people won’t see ...

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Cybersalon investigates: Gamergate

Cybersalon’s favourite gamergirl asks the who, what, why on Gamergate…

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