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Transmediale 2019 – Student Forum

From 29 to 30 January 2019, Transmediale hosted the new Student Forum to expand and deepen the festival visit undertaken by student groups. With the participation of institutions from fields such as art, theory, and design, the two-day format taking place prior to the public festival brings together diverse approaches of studying media today.

During the Forum, the curatorial team offered insights into the program of Transmediale 2019, while student groups and their tutors gave presentations—and were invited to take part in the discussions that followed. The aim of the Student Forum was not only to facilitate the exchange of different knowledge bases and methodologies, but also to reimagine what a future hybrid media education could look like.

Stefan Lutschinger presented his research on “Wikidata in Higher Education: Opening Minds With Open Data”.

Within the context of a Wikimedia assignment designed in Higher Education in the UK, the recent focus has largely been on Wikipedia, and the study of Wikidata is still in its infancy. This presentation suggested innovative ways of including Wikidata in Digital Media curriculum design.

These included:

  • A digital heritage project – our new Wikipedian-in-Residence scheme at the MoDA (Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture) 
  • The Limehouse Hole Atlas project on the aesthetics of urban development which involved creating a visualisation of cultural data
  • The Bletchley Park project, which uses Wikidata as a way to understand cryptanalysis and develop editing and data literacy skills.
  • A locative media project proposal for the Museum of the Docklands

As part of Cybersalon’s partnerships with Middlesex University some students participated in the forum in order to explore what studying media means to them in this modern age. Click here to read the Transmediale Student Review.

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