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Parenthood 2.0 and the freedom to learn – 9th of August 2015

On Cybersalon…

Got kids? What rights should the under 18 year olds have online? “The Risk of Disconnect  – raising kids in the digital realm”  – thinking through Parenthood 2.0  with Morgan Reede link


Dream of Internet Freedom is dying – says Granick (long standing hackers defender).

Cybersalon in videos

Worried about Artificial Intelligence taking over the world?  William Latham, SIGGRAF pioneer and a game design veteran, points out why digital artists  must get involved with Artificial Intelligence research and get their hands dirty to be part of the debate –  a short video fresh from TEDeX Oxford

Secret Life of your Mobile Phone – your faithful companion is more active than you think – insights from Glenn Wilkinson  and Geoff White from Chanel 4 that shopping centres in UK are tracking your every move. Follow @GlennZW for new dates for his important show and watch the trailer and discussion.


Cybersalonista reading…


No more black box code – at BlackHat US  Granick calls for us to stand up for the right  to study the software and be free to poke and probe to make sure the insecure connected car companies,  leaking city networks or Internet Of Things flakey set up is dragged into the 21st century of cybersec!


As UK is mulling over new Digital Bill of Rights for UK, a new addition have been proposed to consider iRights for under 18 year olds –  with Beeban Kidron (now a Baroness in House of Lords) leading the charge to introduce the iRights in September 2015.  Join the forum to tell us what you think and how workable iRights Framework is in practice


“Why we support access to Facebook by anonymous browser Tor” via @Dymaxion and @alecMuffet link


In the News…

EU privacy news:

Is reporting on whistleblowing a treason? Germany’s Justice Minister Heiko Maas doesn’t think so and has just fired the country’s top prosecutor, Harald Range, for harassing of the Netzpolitik.org  for”treason” ie just for doing their job and reporting on Wikileaks investigation into German surveillance practices. What was a battle over blogs, whistleblowing, and freedom of the press,has shifted up a gear  into a full-blown political crisis.

Is USA going backwards?

Not what we expected from the last period of Obama presidency – USA hell bend again on passing a new cybersecurity bill CISA that would do away with our digital privacy protections and ensuring that any company like Google or Facebook sharing data with NSA would be immune from consumer lawsuits.   Rushing bills through and giving in to surveillance lobby is a frequent summer pastime on both sides of the pond…

What does the history of surveillance in US and UK teach us about tomorrow risks to personal privacy online?

Studying Echelon brings more questions than answers

“Over the last fifty years, Project ECHELON has given the UK and United States (as well as other members of the Five Eyes) the capacity to track enemies and allies alike within and outside their states”

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