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Covid19 Apps – Track & Trace or Duck & Dive?

One Virus, Two Ways  – how tracking apps split UK from Europe, why tech, trust and governments do not mix and what is the future of Tracking Apps

When: Thursday 11th June 2020, 6.30pm – 8pm

Where: Zoom

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What’s up with Covid Apps? The cult of ‘there is an app for everything’ 

Can neighbour’s CovidApp report stop you from going on holidays? The boy that cried wolf , location mis-tracking and other Covid stats mis-adventures – state of play in June 2020

Eva Pascoe, Chair, Cybersalon.org, veteran of location tracking for retail ecom warehouses


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of location tracking 

Challenges of movement tracking by phone, risks/dilemmas and tracking disasters

Maciek Ziarkowski – Senior Research Fellow UCL London and Location tracking engineer


Red Cross launches Covid19App in Austria

How Austria achieved the impossible – consensual collection of intimate data The do’s, the don’ts of the fight against Covid19 in Central Europe and trust in governments

Stefan Lutschinger Lecturer at Middlesex University London


Covid19APP – where tech meets personal 

Me versus Us –tech innovation in the age is government distrust, helping engineers to see the human side and lessons from previous contagions tracking tech

Justin Fielder  a pioneer of UK telecoms/broadband, advisor to hydro-powered Data Centre Hydro66 and Black Green Capital


Additional talks from:


South Africa/Global South Digital Track and Trace – lessons in re-constructing trust
Murray Hunter – Digital Rights activist/counter-surveillance researcher
Track and trace at work: impact of mandatory apps and prevention of data abuse
Dr Phoebe Moore – Associate Prof of Tech and Politics University of Leicester


Join us on Twitch.TV/Cybersalon for an afterparty with:

Review of CONTROL (Game by REMEDY) from Simon Sarginson Cybersalon.org

DJ mix by Dilly.World



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