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Coronavirus Tech Handbook

A crowdsourced resource for technologists building things related to the coronavirus outbreak – link

In this uncertain times, when social distancing is all the rage and the only method of preventing a disease rampant across the world, ironically all the fear and isolation is bringing us together.

Nobody really knows what is happening or what is about to happen and how it will change and impact our lives which feeds into our inherent fear of the unknown. But a group of tech and digital professionals have come together to create a Coronavirus Tech handbook.

This handy online resource puts together all the key information available for schools, doctors, professionals being forced to work from home as well as all the key information about the outbreak and up to date news stories. It’s open for the public to edit and contribute to in order to encourage sharing of information, data and resources.

It seems like the things that have the most power to divide us also bring us together – the initiative is sponsored by our friends at Newspeak House and the Cybersalon team has also contributed to this breadth of information. Please feel free to read, share and contribute. And remember to wash your hands and leave some loo roll for others!

Email us on cybersalon@cybersalon.org or Tweet us for virtual workshops on how to contribute!

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