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CoronaSalon is ON – Game for Survival

Join us Friday 17th 7pm (UK time) on Twitch for Games for Good 4.0

We asked our regular Cybersalon games reviewers what games they play to survive Corona and to pick top 5 recommended for quarantine times. 

Face up to the Green Corona Zombie that imprisoned us in our homes by playing hacking games,  trying VR games or simulated outdoor wilderness adventure to get new perspective and acquire novel skills. 

Survival Games Reviews:

  • while True: learn () – No skills required puzzle simulation game about creating an A.I. cat-to-human translator and learning how machine learning really works. You are a Machine Learning guru who has to crack the Cat Code.
  • Hacknet  – As medical surveillance threatens to engulfing us via Google-Apple monster trace-and-track combo app, solve the mystery of Bit’s death and learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones as a newly skilled, underground hacker.
  • Second Life – Get a second life on London’s lost campus – virtual meetings in replica of physical environments, experience the campus life from our own bedroom 
  • VR Chat – Meet new people and build entirely new, imaginary worlds in VR, be social and let your imagination run away. Play with 3-D spatialised Audio for party-like multiple synchronous chats with new friends in you new full body mad avatar
  • The Flame and the Flood – Brutal but beautiful, join Scout and her danger sensing dog Aeosop on this travel survival game that teaches skills useful for our current predicament. Follow Scout as she learns to listen to her own body signals to avoid death, fight for disappearing food resources and craft new tools to avoid threats.

Cybersalon Review Crew: Ben Greenaway, J Squared Bains/Jon and Jake, Stefan Lutschinger (Middlesex University) and Simon Sarginson

Host: Eva Pascoe

Join us here (this will be a Twitch stream, please register on Eventbrite for details)

Sponsors: Cybersalon, Hydro66.com, Middlesex University

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