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Reclaim Money – new kit to get the economy back – Next Event

Money has gone digital and smarter, but we are not fully utilising much of it’s newly increased IQ.  What smart money can bring to our local communities? Can it make us healthier? What is the future of smart financial transactions in post-Covid world? Do we still need good old cash?

Thursday 18th  June 6.30pm – 8pm on Zoom


Eva Pascoe, Chair, Cybersalon.org, retail tech veteran,  sustainable Internet advocate

Show me the (new) money

Post-Covid19 forecasts are grim, with Nouriel Roubini describing the recovery as “letter ‘I’ – down and then straight down” rather than a nice U shape that our governments keep promising. If smart money and digital currencies were going to be put to test, this is the right time to stand up and be counted. 


David Birch – author of Beyond Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin

The past and future of payments – digital money will bring 5 new types of issuing organisations, from companies, cryptographers, State or commercials banks to communities and even individuals. New book  The Currency Cold War explains new tools.


Keith Teare – Accelerated Digital Ventures (Silicon Valley VC)

Universal Basic Income – but not how you know it

How UBI can be re-engineered for post-Covid19 world? How payments tech open up ways of getting smart money to the hands of those who need it most?


Troy Norcross BlockChain Rookies, City AM; pioneer of distributed ledger and blockchain, advisor to enterprise  and creator of new financial ecosystems

When the going gets tough, the tough go blockchain

As money gains memory, what stories will it tell –  from Brexit chlorine chicken to sustainable food tracking. Can smart money give us healthier and cheaper food?


Wendy Grossman – author of NetWars, Open Rights Group

Wanted: Cash in the Times of Covid 

The fight with the virus brought fear to touching physical money, metal or paper as corona happens to thrive on surface for a few days. Is Covid putting the last nail into the anonymous money coffin? Is it the last battle of anonymous money and will we miss it?


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