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Radical Data – You Future has been Digitised

Date and place: 12th October, Monday, Brick Lane, 6.30pm at DigitasLBi

radical data

Chaired by David Wood from London Futurists, the debate will bring the voices from the cybersecurity gurus verus London data science ninjas locking in a combat on the ownership of our digital data streams and city data potential.

Londoner, digital visualisation artist and composer Nick Rothwell will show how making invisible visible opens up our understanding of physical spaces.

Urban Data science pioneer Matthew Hopkinson from Local Data Company will demo how geo-location data helps London councils to make better decision for the high street and the community – gather and optimise for all is his motto.

David Birth, from Hyperion Consultants, author of the controversial book “Identity is the new money” will discuss cybersecurity challenges and question the timeline of the urban Data Utopias.

Simon Troupe from Open will discuss the ethics of sensors and in the light of Volkswagen debacle, how can Internet of Things become accountable and transparent.

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