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Privacy is a gift – 26th of July 2015

Lately on Cybersalon.org

Gretchen Andrew Google Glass artist explores video and versioning in Not But Also Not Not Billy Childish.

Wendy Grossman discusses surveillance and the latest events in the process of the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act and asks “How do we measure the system’s value in protecting public safety?” in her piece titled Trifecta.

Open Rights Group – Lobby your MP event at House of Commons

Snoopers Chapter; Forget email! Hunt down your MP at their surgery, as Face-To-Face chat with your own MP is the winning technique- Cybersalon has the details


Theresa May decided to ignore last weeks court judgement which deemed current surveillance practice unlawful #ExplainNoToTheresaMay LINK

Join our forum and discuss, make your voice heard!

Latest videos

Cybersalon caught up with Aaron Balick at the Humanise the Web conference and discussed Sharing Privacy. Here is an exclusive video.

In the light of the latest events and the premature death of Caspar Bowden we commemorate him by remembering his inspiring Cybersalon talk “Defending Our Data” that took place in October last year.

The fight for the Digital Bill of Rights UK is still going strong, we are currently discussing Surveillance on our forum. Here is our recap of Carl Miller’s thoughts from the House of Commons on the subject.

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