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Next Cybersalon events and reads – 6th of September 2015

New Cybersalon Events – pencil in the date!

london_futuristsEVENT: 12th October, Monday, Brick Lane, 6.30pm at LBI Digitas  (drinks sponsored by Hydro 66)

Radical Data – You Future has been Digitised
Chaired by David Wood from London Futurists, the debate will bring the voices from the cybersecurity  gurus and London data science ninjas locking in a combat on the ownership of our digital datastreams and city data potential.


SatinderEVENT:  10th November 2015, 6.30pm  at Brick Lane,  LBI Digitas
Reclaim AI – Back-To-The-Humans?
AI expert, psychologist and musician Dr Satinder Gill  (editor of our favourite journal ”Artificial Intelligence in Society”) will debate a challenge to the established understanding of today’s AI Expert systems . Her new book on this complex topic brings her understanding of human body, touch and rhythm to a new perspective on the risks and opportunities in AI expansion to our daily life.
Chaired by Simon Shaffer, Cambridge


wikiWiki EVENT:  Join us on the 12thSeptember, Saturday 5.30 pm on a Wikipedia Editathon, Soho, to provide a live coverage to Labour Leadership election event, beer and organic pizza included!

Limited space so email [email protected] asap for an invitation.

Cybersalon reads

fist-full-of-bandwidthNot just spying on users, Windows 10 also exploits your Internet connection so that Microsoft can share updates with other Windows 10 users around the world – and that without the user’s permission. Whatever next? Read More


HIVLeakEmails exposed in the biggest NHS data break as HIV patients gets outed in a recent scandal

Blame-seeking and finger pointing  not helping, as the questions are asked about basic design of email software tthose ‘human errors’ are just way too frequent for comfort – Wendy Grossman investigates

google appsSorry Google, one size (of data collection) doesn’t fit all! Google cloud apps banned from Sweden’s schools and nation’s public bodies as  a risk assessment by the Data Security Board determined that the contract gives Google way  too much covert discretion over how student’s and users’ data can be used, and that public sector customers are unable to ensure that data protection rights are protected.  The upside is that Sweden is now creating an internal edu apps market, stimulating the thinking about privacy baked-in for edu – UK next? Read more.

uber tripYour Uber trip info could be publicly accessed via Google as ‘information wants to be free’ – as route details and car’s licence plate not to mention exact date and time of the ride has surfaced on Google. Anyone fancy overlaying that with Ashley Madison data dump? Read more.

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 20.59.14In the ongoing attempt to look like a children toy company and not like a military robotics supplier as they really are (watch video) Google has redesigned their logo yet again. Remember the old adage: the cuddlier the logo, the more evil the company! Read more.

SenateBig News! The first country to introduce  Internet Bill of Rights is Italy! Read more.

Congrats to the amazing Laura Boldrini and the bold team on the success– although not as strong as we are trying to get into draft in the UK,  it still paves the way for the high level debate that is long overdue as the onslaught on data grab is gathering pace without any protection for the users. The Bill will be introduced at the Internet Governance Forum, which will take place in Brazil in November, in order to contribute to the debate at a global forum. The Forum is similar to Star Wars Galactic Senate but it is the first real supra-national tool to fight back the tech giants and- as Bill Thompson says- to ‘undo’ what has gone wrong with the Internet self-governance.

wikisciTom Watson MP has provided support for the UK version and our consultations for the of the Digital Bill are in full swing – last week we had the priviledge to attend Wikipedia Science Conference in London taking the feedback from the scientists on the urgent need for digital copyrights reform and the current challenges of Open Source tools use in education – both core to the Digital Bill of Rights UK.

We will be bringing you updates on our work next steps in UK very soon!

Stay save, stay cybersecure! Looking forward to seeing all at the next event on 12th of October at LBI


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