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What would George Orwell say?! – 23rd August 2015

This week on Cybersalon…

Simon Sarginson gives us the news of what the Code and Digital Fabrication seminar in Anderson Ranch is like while we examine the freedom for robots and wonder what George Orwell would think of our Surveillance technologies and practices if he were alive




Simon Sarginson from Cybersalon tells us all about the Code and Digital Fabrication seminars at the Anderson Ranch with Casey Reas. Read here.





Bill Thompson investigates whether the First Law of Robotics should be suspended. Read here.







In response to Bill Thompson’s call for Robots Freedom Act, Wendy Grossman argues why the AI -powered robots will have to wait a bit longer before we set them free. Read here





Goodbye Spotify – millions of users voting with their feet (or ears) and leaving the music service as the new underhand privacy policy demands access to your most intimate data. Read here.




What would Orwell say? – Maria Popova analyses George Orwell’s essay “The Freedom of  the Press” on the 70th anniversary of “Animal Farm” being published. Read here.



As Ashley Madison site is hacked, here are some ideas on Tomorrow’s Trysts – @DgwBirch argues that not Bitcoin by Stealth Token will guard future online privacy. Read here

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Watch talk by  Neil Harbisson from Cybersalon Human 2.0 event in 2014 about the relationship between bodies and cybernetics


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