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What are games for? – Douglas Rushkoff on Games for Good 3.0

Dr Richard Barbrook interviewed Douglas Rushkoff at Newspeak House for Cybersalon Tend & Befriend Games For Good 3.0 Douglas Rushkoff is the author of “Cyberia” a seminal book that came out in 1994 and gave a dystopian glimpse of the future ...

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Games for Good 4.0 Games for Survival – CoronaSalon

Intro from Chair Eva Pascoe The event took place on Zoom, which we streamed to Twitch.Tv/Cybersalon, recorded and put on YouTube with other Games For Good videos.  As Corona hit London hard, the original confinement time of 3 weeks have ...

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Collaboration from Games for Good 3.0 – Tend And Befriend Games

29th January 2020 Last decade will be condemned as a total failure of humanity to work together. We may not complete the next decade as human society unless we work together. Climate change and other challenges bring problems that can ...

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Games Against Hate

Why Hate? Hate has become an ever present word in UK, with papers brimming with ‘betrayal’, ‘treason’ and daily stoking hate in mainstream media like Daily Mail, The Sun or The Express. Games against Hate is a series of Cybersalon ...

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Games for Good 2.0 – Event Videos

March 2019 – Hate is increasingly spreading in the West, encouraged by printed press like Daily Mail, The Sun, The Express and TV channels like Fox News and  BBC. How can we counter hate virus and develop new games that will ...

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Can Games help us to make the word a better place?

Takeaways from Games For Good – Cybersalon 25th January 2018 Over 2.2 bln people  world-wide will be playing games in 2018. A hit game is fun but also an opportunity for deep learning and transformative experience. As technology, politics and ...

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