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Betaplace Robotic Hand

Augmented Bodies. DIY Cyborgs and 3D Printed Evolution

3d printed hand

Join us for a Cybersalon on augmented bodies in L’viv, Ukraine on May 3 at 5pm with artist, researcher and art theorist Dmitry Bulatov (ed. Biomediale 2005, Evolution Haute Couture. Art and Science in the Post-Biological Age Vol. 1 2008 / Vol. 2. 2013, senior curator at the National Center for Contemporary Arts in Kaliningrad, Russia), curator Ianina Prudenko (columnist for KORYDOR, founder of Open Archive of Ukrainian Media Art from Kyiv, Ukraine) and artist and curator Andrii Linik (Center for Urban History of East Central Europe in L’viv, Ukraine)

Chair: Stefan Lutschinger

At this special event, we will be discussing the future evolution of our amphibian nature and exploring how the development of artificial senses, robotic protheses and cybernetic body implants has changed the ways we think about the world. Our panel of experts will be debating the role of our increasingly hybrid lived experience as cyborgs for social innovation, learning design, community building, collaborative creative activity and the work with children. We will also be touching on the rhythms of digital technologies and their impact on our everyday lives.

Cybersalon will be the official closing event for Cyber Pills for Mental Health from May 1-3 in L’viv, a 3 days festival curated by Andrii Linik celebrating cyberculture with a hackathon at Betaplace with the aim to create a 3D printed robotic hand using surface EMG, an electronic music workshop for children from 6-12 at Dzyga art gallery, and lectures, presentations and discussions at the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe and the L’viv Polytechnic National University.

Betaplace Robotic Hand

Photo credits: Betaplace 

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