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Musica est spiritus vitae – Cybersonica Soiree

Celebrating Art’s Birthday and 15 years of Cybersonica

January 17th 7.30 GMT


Join us to celebrate 15 years of Cybersalonica Fest and Art’s Birthday, exploring the art of Connecting Humans Through Sound

7.30 pm join us for Cybersalon fireside chat on Twitch with Alex MacLean (Slab.com and Algorave.com), Alexander Felch (Transient Hole, Vienna), Simon Sarginson and Dilly Rowe (NY)

8.30pm Live Stream until 11pm

Soundscapes by our friends and sonic artists #artsbirthday


Performers and Guests:

Evening of exploration of the creative impact of Telecommunication Art. Initiated in 1973, this Day of celebrating net art was invented by Robert Filliou and has developed into world-wide festival, held yearly on 17th January. The pandemic has brought us closer together, as people from all over the world grapple with the dark forces of nature. Art lifts our spirits (hence the theme “Musica est spiritus vitae”) and we are grateful to be able to say our thanks to Art via this one day 2021 festival. This year is also our anniversary of founding of Cybersonica Festival (2006), when connected soundscapes artists chose to tell their stories using music over the Internet just over 15 years ago.


Alex MacLean will talk to us about how it all began, his current and future projects and collaborations. He is a musician, software artist and researcher active across the digital arts, but especially live coding. When allowed out, he performs his live coded music widely, reaching major venues and festivals including No Bounds, Sonar, and Glastonbury. He has organised AlgoMech festival on Algorithmic and Mechanical Movement, exploring patterns in music and code, including creating the popular TidalCycles live coding environment for musical pattern. He completed his PhD thesis “Artist-Programmers and Programming Languages for the Arts” at Goldsmiths in 2011, and is now based between Sheffield UK and Munich DE.

Alexander Felch from Transient Hole (Vienna) is an old friend. We co-hosted jointly Soundscapes event in London (Furtherfields) in 2018. He practices machine sound art and will share his making process and his inspirations.

Dilly Rowe (NY) and Simon Sarginson will talk about collaboration experiences on live coding piece/ playlist for Art’s Birthday with NY/London link.

Livestream Guests: 

Alex MacLean, Alexander Felch, Simon Sarginson live coding with DJ Dilly with NY/London link and Electronica beats from Cybersalon member, Internet veteran & creative, John Horsley (AKA Longshore Drift). 

Curated by: Stefan Lutschinger (Digital Media, Middlesex University, London) and Eva Pascoe (Cybersalon)

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