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What is Cybersalon?

Cybersalon is a think tank on digital futures, we’ve been running monthly events on digital arts and culture since 1997. Our events attract a wide range of people, entrepreneurs, technologists, hackers, activists, government officials, business leaders, academics, artists, creatives and designers.

Cybersalon members produce research and insights on a range of topics, from big data, quantified self to cyborgs, focusing on the digital revolution.

We host a series of monthly events, every last Tuesday of every month from 7pm – 10pm.

Spring 2015 – The New Hyperhabitat Series

From January 2015 through to June, we’re organising a range of events investigating the changing nature of our lived environments increasingly augmented by ubiquitous computing and increasing blurring between the physical and virtual, and all manner of concerns and controversies that follow, from control and security implications to what it might mean for our struggling democratic systems…

Manchester Jan 15th – How Smart Is My City? 

London Jan 27th – The Future of the Dark Net: seeking anonymity in an internet panopticon

London February 26th – unSmart Cities: The New Hyperhabitat

And more to be confirmed!

Our Previous Series: The Net – Then & Now 

When the Internet launched in the 1990s the ideas, hopes and ambitions of the early users were different to those of today. Or were they?

In this series we look at understanding the important links in thinking between our cyber utopian dreams and today’s Internet realities. It’s a cliche but true- to understand the future you have to understand the past!

London 2nd October – Reclaim the Net (Special 20 years of Cyberia Anniversary event)

London 28th October – EDUPUNK 2.0 

Manchester 29th October – The Age of Human Enhancement

London 25th November – Game On: Reclaim the Game!

London 6th December – Project CYBERSYN – Chile & The Socialist Internet

For more of our events over the past months and years see our Previous Events listings.

You can find us on Twitter at @Cybrsalon and @CybrsalonMCR – and Facebook

If you’d like to get involved, please pop us an email at [email protected] or [email protected]
Cybersalon events are informal affairs that take place after work on a weekday. Join us!

Audio recordings, tweet timeline and transcript of the discussion will be available and on request after each event.




In 1997 Cybersalon came out of the Hypermedia Research Centre at the University of Westminster and Cyberia, the first global cybercafes. We began as a ‘community of interest’, holding discussion events in pubs, as we got larger we moved to the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) and the Science Museum. We also gave birth to a successful electronic music festival, Cybersonica.


We thank our supporters

School of Media & Performing Arts, Middlesex University
Digitas LBi
Easynet Global Services
Hydro66 Sustainable Datacentres


  1. Hi there,

    I’d really like to speak to you re: Social Media Week. I am a consultant for the Technology Strategy Board and also helping curate Social Media Week.

    Please could you get in touch.



  2. Mitra- I sent you a mail but no reply…Do get in touch again at the email above if you’d still like to!

  3. Please keep me up to date with your events. Is the one at old Truman brewery turn up and pay, or do I need to book first?

  4. You mentioned:
    “Our events attract entrepreneurs, techies, activists, government, business, academics, artists and designers.”

    but forgot to list inventors

    As an inventor, I’ve done many things that others consider impossible.

    For everyone else that is part of the 0.03% that help move humanity forward; I say:
    keep moving forward (siempre adelante)
    keep taking risks
    keep doing what you are!

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