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Richard Boase

richard boaseRichard Boase is a crypto currency enthusiast and Bitcoin advocate who has been actively involved in the Bitcoin startup scene since mid 2012.

He has written for CoinDesk and Bitcoin Magazine, chaired the Bitcoin 2.0 Panel discussion for Cybersalon and spoken on Financial Inclusion at the Bitcoin 2014 conference in Amsterdam.
Richard’s past is in video and motion graphics production. He has always been a keen adherent of cyberpunk culture and wrote his first article on the history of the cypherpunks for Cybersalon in August 2013.

In early 2014 Richard conducted a research trip to Kenya with the Bitcoin Tablet Project, taking android tablets and bitcoin to 6 community and charity projects in Africa.
He has hands on experience of development work and a working knowledge of the potential and promise, and potential pitfalls, of introducing crypto-currencies like Bitcoin to the 3rd world.

Richard studied Journalism at MA level at Kingston University and has a BA Hons in Multimedia from Brighton, as well a diploma in Visual Communication from the University of Central England, Birmingham.
He has worked as a VJ, TV producer, editor and director, and is currently working in social media and PR.



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