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Games For Good 2.0 – Event

Games against Hate

Hate has gone viral and is destroying our communities. Our world has has become tribal, ‘betrayal’ and ‘treason’ appear daily in social media about even the smallest differences of opinions. 

How can we fight this footballisation of politics ? 

How can we change Them and Us into our shared community again?

“Learning another language is like having a chance to live another life” this quote is true but learning another language takes a lot of time and are all busy people.

Lucky for us, playing a game can be like peeking into someone else’s life. In the space of a few hours we can explore in-depth how native Alaskans live (Never Alone), with a glimpse into how incredibly collaborative culture manages to survive in the harshest of climates, how lack of privacy is turned into strength.

In Where the Water taste like Wine we are faced with unemployment and survival dilemmas from the Great Depression times in US. It has amazing soundtrack and shows live in rural US during the tough period in American history. It also explores the Other, non-urban values.

On The Surface – How to be friends with people who are different? Exploring empathy and feelings for others. A game by Digital Liberties for The Challenge and ISD.

Interactive Cultural Heritage Visualisation from Teesside University Lecturer, Casto Vocal – How do we engage with culture? By immersing ourselves in an environmental narrative.

The VR Archaeology Group at Teesside University has been translating the visual culture of the Andean people into an immersive interactive experience. During the break a demonstration of the Andean World heritage Site of Tiwanaku in Bolivia, South America will be showcased on the HTC Vive.


Join us on 18th March to find how hit games step up are the Force for Good in the world obsessed with hate. 


Ben Greenaway – Cybersalon’s Game Reviewer-in-Chief

Simon Sarginson – ex game developer (RockSteady Studios and SplashDamage) 

Casto Vocal – VR /3D developer (Teeside University)

Stefan Lutschinger (Middlesex University) review of On The Surface

Chaired by Eva Pascoe – Cybersalon

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Read (or listen on SoundCloud) our summary from Games For Good 1.0 


Hydro66.com, Cybersalon.org, Middlesex University, DigitalLiberties.org.uk, GamesForTheMany.org, Newspeak House

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