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Vintage Computer Games- Sex Tetris and Grim Fandango

By Niki Gomez

Way back then in 1999

I was working in one of the early cyber cafés, in Brussels an amazing visionary place called The Cybertheatre, part funded by the company Silicon Graphics (what happened to them?) and the rest by a visionary Belgian entrepreneur.

At that time much of the raison d’être of cyber cafés was for gaming. And porn. And Sex Tetris brought these two together albeit in a cartoonesque way.

Sex Tetris

Playing Cupid

Sex Tetris was a take on Tetris where, instead of falling blocks, there were humans in sexual positions that you had to ‘fit together’.  You had to match the right positions to move up levels. What his meant that it was a little basic- perhaps homophobic, no men on men or women on women action, also certain positions were ‘not allowed’. But a fun game none the less with a great animation when you matched the people and they had sex!

Grim Fandango

My other favourite game from that era was from Lucas Arts and as can only be expected from them it was really a film and game rolled into one. With beautiful moving graphics it really was ground breaking for that time. In that way quite similar to Harry Potter or Vice City games of today with those filmic sections that play out on their own with no interaction from the user.

Based on the Mexican traditions around death, this game maps your journey from actually dying for the next 45 days till your soul goes to heaven. Complete with skeletons and Mexican accents! Anyone who has been to Mexico for Day of the Dead will love it.

And the best news: just heard it’s been remastered now and re-released for 2014!
Que bien!

Sex Tetris

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