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Hate week – Net.Wars by Wendy Grossman

Originally published on pelicancrossing.net on May 26th, 2007 When, say ten years from now, someone leaks the set of rules by which self-driving cars make decisions about how to behave in physical-world human encounters of the third kind, I suspect ...

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Open Letter: From the Digital Pioneers to the Digital Natives

The following document is a collaborative work, the first outline in forging a national conversation around the rise of Digital Britain, towards a Net Bill of Rights. Do we want a Digital Britain to be a passive theatre or a ...

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A Political Evaluation of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a complex phenomenon, and it is a landmark development, even a technological singularity, for good or ill. At the P2P Foundation, we also have complicated feelings about it, writes Michel Bauwens. The Positive Aspects of Bitcoin Let us ...

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Summary: Net Politics – April 24th 2013

Part of the Then and Now Series of Talks Bitcoin hacker speaks about financial freedom Event Summary- by Eva Pascoe, Alexandra Reynolds & Niki Gomez On an unusually hot and steamy April day our regular hangout Arts Catalyst (Clerkenwell, London) ...

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Reading for Net Politics Event- 24 April 2013

– The Californian Ideology by Richard Barbrook and Andy Cameron (Richard will be updating it at the event) – “Social media is changing politics across Europe…” Beppe Grillo and the M5S by Jamie Bartlett et al – Bitcoin Ends the Taboo on Money by Jaromil – ...

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