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Finding harm – Net.Wars by Wendy Grossman

Originally posted on pelicancrossing.net on July 7th 2017 “Where’s the harm?” has long been a hugely difficult question to answer in privacy matters. Many answers sound vague and conspiracist. Knowing they’re being watched causes people to censor themselves. It chills ...

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Facebook ‘misled’ EU on how creepy buying WhatsApp would be

Originally by Oliver Smith for The Memo In 2014 Facebook spent a whopping $19bn buying everyone’s favourite chat app, WhatsApp. The deal came under a huge amount of scrutiny: from the media (“they spent HOW much?”); users (“don’t let Facebook ...

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Hate week – Net.Wars by Wendy Grossman

Originally published on pelicancrossing.net on May 26th, 2007 When, say ten years from now, someone leaks the set of rules by which self-driving cars make decisions about how to behave in physical-world human encounters of the third kind, I suspect ...

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Summary- Surveillance: What Should be Done?

How do we take back the Internet for ourselves, as Edward Snowden wants us to? Tuesday, 25 March 2014, London. The video of the event: choose your speaker via the playlist on the side bar! Summary written by Alexandra Reynolds (edit ...

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On Ed Snowden, Facebook and the Cost of ‘Free’

This article was originally posted on Tonguesten by Lemez Jonathan on Jun 27, 2013 Just been at a fascinating event in #Cybersalon event in Clerkenwell on the topic of Mobile Culture: Then And Now. Artist Christian Nold, filmmaker Pete Gomes and lecturer Sophia ...

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Has Social Media Lived up to its original promise?

We held an event on 27 Feb 2013 to answer this question. Early pioneers of the internet hailed this new medium as the harbinger of person to person media. A new media that will destroy government and corporate hierarchies and ...

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