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A Political Evaluation of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a complex phenomenon, and it is a landmark development, even a technological singularity, for good or ill. At the P2P Foundation, we also have complicated feelings about it, writes Michel Bauwens. The Positive Aspects of Bitcoin Let us ...

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The Cloud: We’re Doing It Wrong

James Moulding on the need to look beyond the corporate cloud to radically decentralised, secure and sustainable storage solutions. “It is time for the cloud to truly become a cloud, made up of a vast multitude of resource droplets that ...

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Bitcoin 2.0: Opening the pathway to Decentralised Trust and the Democratisation of Power

Ami H. on the real power of Bitcoin, as it evolves to more than ‘just’ currency, to help establish trust online for anything. Some of the members of the apps – Ethereum and Counterparty  will be speaking at Cybersalon on June ...

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