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    Posting the ideas for the Hackathon – from High Streets solutions, refugee registration tool, volunteer scheduling, pollution meter for the streets, clean beach maps in real time and personalised alerts – add more as the ideas strike you and email [email protected] for teams allocation

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    Problem to solve – refugees and visitors on low budget have problems with hot
    city during the day – Find Me Oasis (find parks with shades, review them, help planning where we identify no Oasis in a particular neighbourhood

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    We are using – helps you describe the new app that you are designing without programming skills – to check compatibility to create a clickable mock-up of the app you are buildingpi
    Balsamiq wireframing prototyping tool (need to pay for account)

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    Our area of common interest for the hackathon emerged through discussion to be open spaces. We brainstormed some thoughts around open space in the Athens context. We observed that open spaces have traditionally been well used by Greeks – the town square for instance. Our thinking was to latch on to this cultural affinity with open spaces and enhance the Athenian’s knowledge of the open spaces around him/her, with a view to capturing what exists as well as providing a basis for what might be.

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    Google Places API is going to be used to utilize data from database, relevant to public spaces, parks, beaches. We will use for the beach quality and list of public spaces like parks, museums, stadiums, cafes to overlay on Near Me. We will then invite the users to rate and add to the map as they visit the places.
    Heading towards a crowd-sourcing app which will put details of more places that are not well known or used now, places that do not appear on regular maps but are pleasant and shady. We will build on that by providing voluneering events for people to get together and clean up/add greenery/add to street furniture.

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    We added a subdomain to OpenDataMagic.EU for the Hackathon Team with the title of their APP – http://findmyOasis.openDataMagic.EU
    This page will provide the sceenshots from the digital mockups and notes

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