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Fabian giving a tour of the Barbican Centre during Wikimania 2014

Fabian giving a tour of Barbican Centre during Wikimania 2014

Fabian Tompsett overcame the shortcomings of a bourgeois education by gaining a proletarian education through the London Workers Group. This was accompanied by many years of practical experience working in several Print Co-ops in London during the eighties. During this period he became involved with Class War, leaving in 1985. During the nineties he initiated the London Psychogeographical Association and collaborated with Alastair Bonnett on Transgressions, A Journal of Urban Exploration. He also translated some of the works of Asger Jorn into English. His participation in Class Wargames is a culmination of his interaction with Situationism from a proletarian class perspective. Fabian helped to deliver Wikimania 2014 in London and is now an organiser for Wikimedia UK.


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