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Making = Hacking – Controversy?

Garnet Hertz, Golan Levin and Alex Fleetwood speak about the difference between making and hacking and how artists have always used some type of technology in their work. Simon Sarginson reports back from the Critical Making Talks, at the Future ...

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At Cybersalon on 25th March 2014, the audience voted on solving the surveillance problem between these options: 1. Encryption and technical solutions 2. Independent technology solutions (away from free data business models) 3. Using the law to put our data ...

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The Surveillance Debate – Shaken But Not Stirred

by Eva Pascoe James Bond girls are not cast for their bravery, as the size of their bikini seems to be more vital, but M (or rather Dame Judi Dench) is seen an example of a tough female character, admired ...

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Tues 25 March- Surveillance: What is to be done?

I Want You To Blow the Whistle

How do we take back the Internet for ourselves, as Edward Snowden wants us to?  Tuesday, 25 March 2014 from 18:30 to 21:00. Digitas LBi, 146 Brick Lane, London E1 6RU The Live Stream from the event is here: Get Tickets: £5.00, ...

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Human 2.0 – net.wars: body mechanics


Wendy Grossman on when enhancing your body through tech is justified. Part of the mythology surrounding the former tennis player John McEnroe is that he never practiced. The reality, McEnroe wrote in his autobiography, was that he worked out and ...

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A Euromaidan poster in English

Joshua Danton Boyd on how The Internet was so crucial in the recent Ukrainian revolts. Since November 21st last year, Ukrainians have been occupying Independence Square in central Kiev. The movement soon became known as Euromaidan (Euro Square) as they ...

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A Response to Evgeny Morozov

Dave King responds to Evgeny Morozov and Richard Barbrook at Cybersalon. Evgeny’s critiques of techno-progression are very welcome, and his emphasis on a political understanding of technology in its economic and social context is important. His examples and analyses are ...

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How technology can be used to combat political apathy

Eva Pascoe in The Guardian on 3 Feb 2014 Estonia has been e-voting since 2005 while the UK lags woefully behind. Technology is transforming democracy across the globe. With turnout continuing to fall and a Hansard Society survey revealing only ...

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Women and Bitcoin

Richard Boase on women’s reactions to bitcoin and why this may be, based on Hal Finney’s 2007 seminal blog entry. He heralds those women who are making large contributions to the movement. The first time I heard about bitcoin was ...

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Google Glass: the end of the Smartphone?

Eva Pascoe enjoys the comfy blanket of cyberspace wrapping around her,  from eyes upwards. Say ‘Good Bye’ to your smartphone, it’s been (not) nice carrying you around… A few days ago I joined the ranks of the Glass Explorers, the ...

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