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Dawn of the New Everything with Jaron Lanier – Virtual Futures Salon

Virtual Futures presents Jaron Lanier in conversation on futures, the broken promises of cyberspace, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Jaron Lanier is a philosopher and computer scientist who has spent his career pushing the transformative power of modern technology to ...

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Team Human – Douglas Rushkoff @ Virtual Futures Salon

In the latest, and probably one of the most exciting, installations of Virtual Futures Luke Robert Mason meets Douglas Rushkoff to discuss the future, AI and Ariana Grande. Douglas Rushkoff is the author of Cyberia, a book that revolutionised how ...

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Surrender to Surveillance – Virtual Futures Salon

Virtual Futures presents a discussion on technologies of surveillance, the infringements on privacy by the state, restrictions of individual freedom and the mutation of identity. In the latest edition of Virtual Futures – Surrender to Surveillance a wide panel discusses ...

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Virtual Futures Salon – Neurostimulation – “You seriously thought that evolution would upgrade the brain?”

In this edition of the Virtual Futures Salon we were introduced to Neurostimulation and the different new ways in which we are seeking to develop and change our brains to perform longer, better and in more fun ways. It seems ...

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