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Chair of Cybersalon.org and co-founder of Cyberia Cafe

The Brave New World of Work Surveillance

Takeaways from Watching Me Watching You Cybersalon 11th October 2017 Lord Kelvin noted back in 1890 that ‘what can be measured, can be managed’. At Watching Me Watching You a new, emerging field of work surveillance was discussed by Cybersalon’s invited ...

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Is it time for Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship: From Liberal Privilege to Democratic Emancipation ‘Government founded … on a system of universal peace, on the indefeasible hereditary Rights of Man … interests not particular individuals, but nations, in its progress, and promises a new era to ...

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Hackathon in Athens – Data To The People!

Cybersalon Hackathon. Wave Your Open Data Magic Wand. If you could wave a magic wand – what would you do to improve services and systems for citizens of Greece? This workshop invites enthusiasts, creatives, practitioners, artists and techies to work together ...

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Digital Democracy – is it time to Quantify Politics ?

house of commons

Fitbit for the Parliament? General Elections in UK in 2015 suffered from a relatively low turnout,  attracting  only 66% of eligible voters, with only about 43% of young voters taking part . This number is down from 2010 despite the ...

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